Radial Piston Air Motor /With Brake and Decelerator /TAM4-015*BG040 Series
Action Style With Brake/With Decelerator
Model Numbers TAM4-015FBG040 TAM4-015LBG040
Mounting Style Flange Foot
Fluid Used Air
Rated Pressure 0.5MPa
Operating Pressure Range 0.2 to 0.6MPa
Lubrication JIS K2213-1(Natural turbine oil ISO VG32) or equivalent.J
Ambient Temperature -10 to +70 ºC(But do not use when frozen)
Paint Color Metalic silver green
Lubricating(Inside mounting grease) Daphne Eponex No.1(Idemitsu Kosan Co.,Ltd.) Grease for high load
Continuous Use In case of the continuous use without stop time,use with less than 80% of rotation at the maximum output.
Range of Recommended Rotation (0.2 to 1)Rotation at maximum output
Deceleration Ratio減 1/40
at Max. Output
Power 110W
Torque 47.1N*m
Rotation 22.5r/min
Air Consumption 260ℓ/min(ANR)
Stop Torque 106N*m
Start Torque 70.6N*m
Brake Torque 118N*m
Allowable Axial Load Radial Load 2.26kN
Thrust Load 1.23kN
Mass 10.0kg 10.5kg
Note1) The above specifications indicate performance at ambient temperature of 20 ºC. The rotation will lower if the ambient temperature lowers due to the viscosity change of grease.
Note2) Air motor performance values shown apply when the pressure on the exhaust side is atmospheric pressure.

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