Electric Gripper/Single Cam Type ESG1-SS
ESG1 Series
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ESG1-SS-2010 Single piece of Gripper ESG1-SS-2010 Inquiry
Controller, Motor Cable (3m) Accessories ESG1-SS-2010-C13 Inquiry
Controller, Motor Cable (5m) Accessories ESG1-SS-2010-C15 Inquiry
ESG1-SS-2815 Single piece of Gripper ESG1-SS-2815 Inquiry
Controller, Motor Cable (3m) Accessories ESG1-SS-2815-C13 Inquiry
Controller, Motor Cable (5m) Accessories ESG1-SS-2815-C15 Inquiry
ESG1-SS-4225 Single piece of Gripper ESG1-SS-4225 Inquiry
Controller, Motor Cable (3m) Accessories ESG1-SS-4225-C13 Inquiry
Controller, Motor Cable (5m) Accessories ESG1-SS-4225-C15 Inquiry

Models ESG1-SS-2010 ESG1-SS-2815 ESG1-SS-4225
Gripping Force Max. Constant Rating 6N 22N 40N
Min. Setting %(N) 30(1.8) 30(6.6) 34(13.5)
Resolution Ability %(N) 1(0.06) 1(0.22) 1(0.45)
Open-close Stroke 7.6mm 14.3mm 23.5mm
Velocity Max. (Rating) 100mm/sec
Min. Setting 20% (20mm/sec)
Resolution Ability 1% (1mm/sec)
Constant-move Gripping Mode(max) 50%
Repeat-stop Accuracy ±0.02mm
Guide Structure Linear Guide
Note4) Max. Gripping Mass 0.06kg 0.22kg 0.45kg
Used Temperature Range 0 to +40 ºC
Used Humidity Range % RH35 to 90(But do not use when frozen)
Storage Temperature -10 to +60 ºC
Mass 160g 300g 580g
Note1) Please select the short and light weight material to design the finger.

Do not make an excessive impact to the finger in operation by setting parameter and operation mode correctly.
Note3) Please install the finger carefully without any excessive impact to the guide block.
Note4) Design the gripping work mass 1/10 to 1/20 of the gripping force.

The grippable work mass differs largely depending upon the material, shape and gripping face of the finger.

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