Electric Gripper/Controller ESC11-B
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Dimension Drawing

Models ESC11-B
Control Axis Qty. 1 axis
Position Detect Method Optical Rotary Encorder
Min. Setting Distance 0.01mm
Speed Setting Possible to set highest speed at each point by auto-setting.
Point Qty. 31 points + original point
Teaching Method MDI (input coordinate value), teaching play-back
Direct Teaching (Computer-compliant software)
Protect Function (Alarm) Current surges, overload, electrical surges, voltage reduction, system malfunction,
machine referance over, position error,
feedback error, point data error, data writing error
Monitor Alarm record, I/O status, alarm, motor power, voltage.
Photo coupler insulation 5mA TYP/1 point
5 points: command point setting (5 bit binary)
3 points: control input
Photo coupler insulation 30mA MAX/1 point
5 points: completion point setting (5 bit binary)
7 points: control input
Network RS485 2 Port
(1 channel for power or non-power, Max.16 axes multi-dropped connection)
LED Indicating Power Indicator (POW:green), inner-operation indicator (RUN:yellow),
reception status indicator (RDY:yellow), abnormal condition indicator (ALM:red)
Power Supply DC24V±10% 1A MAX (common to motor and controller power)
General Operation Temperature 0 to +40 ºC
Operation Humidity 35 to 85%RH(But do not use when frozen)
Storage Temperature -10 to +65 ºC (But do not use when frozen)
Insulating Resistance DC500V 10M
Vibration Proof 0.5G 10 to 55Hz
Mass 260g
Accessories I/O Cable (connector on one side), CD-ROM (computer-compliant software)
Connector (I/O, Power, Serial), Insulating Resistance

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