Pneumatic Cylinder DC7 Series/ Double-acting
Product Lineup
40 50 63 80 100 125 150
DC7SD40B100 DC7SD50B100 DC7SD63B100 DC7SD80B100 DC7SD100B100 DC7SD125B100 DC7SD150B100

Action Style Double-acting Single-rod/Basic
Available Bores(mm) φ 40,φ 50,φ 63,φ 80,φ 100,φ 125,φ 150
Mounting Style SD/LB/FA/FB/CA/CB/TC
Fluid Used Air
Note1)Lubrication Not necessary(But possible)
Operating Pressure Range 0.05 to 1MPa
Proof Test Pressure 1.5MPa
Operating Speed Range 50 to 500mm/s
Operating Temperature -10 to +60 ºC(But do not use when frozen)
Cushion Mechanism With Cushion on Both Ends
Cushion Stroke φ 40 to φ 63 : 20mm φ 80/φ 100 : 25mm φ 125/φ 150 : 35mm
Thread Tolerance JIS 6g/6H
Stroke Fabrication Range φ 40/φ 40 : to 600 φ 63 : to 800 φ 80 : to 1000
φ 100 : to 1200 φ 125/φ 150 : to 1300
Stroke Tolerance
Accessories Rod End Attachment Rod End Eye(T type)/Rod End Clevis(Y type)
Boots Standard : Nylon tarpaulin Semi-standard : Chloropaulin/Conex
Note1) There is no necessity for lubrication, but once if lubricated, please continue lubrication.
Note2) Conex of boots is the registered trade mark of Teijin,Ltd.

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