3.5MPa Tiny-Bore Hydraulic Cylinder 35Z-1R Series/ Double-acting Single-rod (Switch-Set)
Switch Code
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Mounting Style Bore(mm)
20 25 32
SD 35Z-1RSD20N100-AH2 35Z-1RSD32N100-AH2 35Z-1RSD40N100-AH2
LB 35Z-1RLB20N100-AH2 35Z-1RLB32N100-AH2 35Z-1RLB40N100-AH2
FA 35Z-1RFA20N100-AH2 35Z-1RFA32N100-AH2 35Z-1RFA40N100-AH2
FB 35Z-1RFB20N100-AH2 35Z-1RFB32N100-AH2 35Z-1RFB40N100-AH2
CA 35Z-1RCA20N100-AH2 35Z-1RCA32N100-AH2 35Z-1RCA40N100^AH2
CB 35Z-1RCB20N100-AH2 35Z-1RCB32N100-AH2 35Z-1RCB40N100-AH2

Action Style Double-acting Single-rod/Switch Set
Available Bores(mm) 20,25,32
Mounting Style SD/LB/FA/FB/CA/CB
Norminal Pressure 3.5MPa
Max. Allowable Pressure 4MPa
Proof Test Pressure 5MPa
Operating Speed Range 0.1 to 300mm/s
Operating Temperature -10 to +70 ºC(But do not use when frozen)
Cushion Mechanism None
Working Fluid Petroleum-based fluid
(For other working oil, refer to the table of working oil adaptability.)
Thread Tolerance JIS 6g/6H
Standard Stroke 20 : to 400mm 25 : to 500mm 32 : to 600mm
Stroke Tolerance
Accessories Rod End Attachment Rod End Spherical Eye(S type)/Rod End Clevis(Y type)/F Joint
Bracket CB Bracket

Hydraulic pressure that is generated in cylinder due to the inertia of load shall be set at less than the maximum allowable pressure.

Switch Mountable Minimum Stroke
Action Style With a switch With two switches
20 10 10 20 20

Allowable Fluid, Seal Material
Seal Material Allowable Fluid
Petroleum-based Fluid Water-Glycol Fluid Phosphate-Ester Fluid Water in Oil Fluid Oil in Water Fluid
1:Nitrile rubber
Note) The -marked items are applocable,while the -marked items are inapplicabe.

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