3.5MPa Hydraulic Cylinder 35H-3 Series/ Double-acting Single-rod
Sectional Drawing
Description of Term
Product Lineup
32 40 50 63 80 100 125 160
35H-31SD32B100 35H-31SD40B100 35H-31SD50B100 35H-31SD63B100 35H-31SD80B100 35H-31SD100B100 35H-31SD125B100 35H-31SD160B100

Action Style Double-acting Single-rod/Standard type
Available bores(mm) φ32/φ40/φ50/φ63/φ80/φ100/φ125/φ160
Mounting Style SD/LA/LB/FA/FB/CA/CB/TA/TC
Piston Seal U-seal Slipper seal
Norminal Pressure 3.5MPa
Max.operating pressure 4.5MPa
proof Test Pressure 5MPa
Min.operating pressure 0.2MPa
Operating Speed Range 8 to 300mm/s 0.1 to 300mm/s
Operating Temperature -10 to +80 ºC (But do not use when frozen)
Structure of cushioning Meatl cushion
Working Fluid Petroleum-based fluid
(In case of the use of other fluids, refer to the table for adaptation of fluids.)
Thread Tolerance JIS 6g/6H
Stroke Range φ32/φ40:to 1000mm φ50/φ63:to 1200mm
φ80/φ100:to 1600mm φ125/φ160:to 1800mm
Stroke Tolerance
Accessories Rod End Attachment 1Rod end eye(T type)/2Rod end clevis with pin(T type)/F joint(F type)
Bracket CB/TA/TC bracket
Note) Hydraulic pressure that is generated in cylinder due to the internal of load shall be set at less than the maximum allowable pressure.
· The cylinder body is not applied to the cutting oil-proof specifications.
· Conex of boots is the registered trade mark of Teijin, Ltd.
· Slipper seal is the registered trade mark of Japan Bulker Industry Co.

Allowable Fluid, Seal Material
Seal Material Allowable Fluid
Petroleum-based Fluid Water-Glycol Fluid Phosphate-Ester Fluid Water in Oil Fluid Oil in Water Fluid
1:Nitrile Rubber
3: Fluoric Rubber
8: Slipper Seal
Note1) The and -marked items are applicable, while the -marked items are inapplicable.
Note2) The -marked items are the recommended packing materials in case of giving the first priority to abrasion resistance.
Note3) Slipper seal is the residtered trade mark of Bulker Industry Co.

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