Round Body Design Pneumatic Cylinder 10Z-3A2 Series/ Double-acting/Stroke adjustable type (retract)
Switch Code
Product Lineup
Type Mounting Style Available Bores(mm)
12 16 20 25 32 40 50 63
Standard Type SD - - 10Z-3A2SD20N100 10Z-3A2SD25N100 10Z-3A2SD32N100 10Z-3A2SD40N100 10Z-3A2SD50N100 10Z-3A2SD63N100
LB - - 10Z-3A2LB20N100 10Z-3A2LB25N100 10Z-3A2LB32N100 10Z-3A2LB40N100 10Z-3A2LB50N100 10Z-3A2LB63N100
FA - - 10Z-3A2FA20N100 10Z-3A2FA25N100 10Z-3A2FA32N100 10Z-3A2FA40N100 10Z-3A2FA50N100 10Z-3A2FA63N100
FB - - 10Z-3A2FB20N100 10Z-3A2FB25N100 10Z-3A2FB32N100 10Z-3A2FB40N100 10Z-3A2FB50N100 10Z-3A2FB63N100
TA - - 10Z-3A2TA20N100 10Z-3A2TA25N100 10Z-3A2TA32N100 10Z-3A2TA40N100 10Z-3A2TA50N100 10Z-3A2TA63N100
TB - - 10Z-3A2TB20N100 10Z-3A2TB25N100 10Z-3A2TB32N100 10Z-3A2TB40N100 10Z-3A2TB50N100 10Z-3A2TB63N100

Action Style With Retractable Stroke Adjustment/Standard Type with Switch
Aailable Bores(mm) φ20,φ25,φ32,φ40,φ50,φ63
Mounting Style SD,LB,FA,TA,TA with B,TB,TB with B
Fluid Used Air
Lubrication Not necessary(But possible)
Operating Pressure Range φ20 to φ40:0.05 to 1MPa φ50,φ63:0.02 to 0.7MPa
Proof Test Pressure 1.5MPa
Note1)Operating Speed Range 20 to 700mm/s
Operating Temperature -10 to +70 ºC(But do not use when frozen)
Cushion Mechanism φ50,φ63: With Cushion Pad on Both Ends(No cushion when retracting stroke is adjusted.)
φ50,φ63: With Cushion on Both Ends (No cushion when retracting stroke is adjusted.)
Stroke Adjustment Method Adjustment Bolt
Stroke Adjustment Range 0 to 25mm
Thread Tolerance JIS 6g/6H
Accessories Rod End Attachment TRod End Spherical Eye(S type)/Rod End Eye(T type)/Rod End Clevis(Y type)/F Joint
Bracket TA
Dust Cover Nylon tarpaulin
When setting a switch in the intermediate position, set the cylinder speed to 300mm/s max. in consideration of the response speed of load relay and others.

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