Prevents Dropping Cylinder/Double-acting Single-rod/Extend lock(Switch set) 10S-6RC1
Switch Code
Product Lineup
Mounting Style Thread style Bore Size mm
20 25 32 40 50 63
SD Female 10S-6RC1SD20N10-GC2 10S-6RC1SD25N10-GC2 10S-6RC1SD32N10-GC2 10S-6RC1SD40N10-GC2 10S-6RC1SD50N10-GC2 10S-6RC1SD63N10-GC2
Male 10S-6RC1SD20N10TGC2 10S-6RC1SD25N10TGC2 10S-6RC1SD32N10TGC2 10S-6RC1SD40N10TGC2 10S-6RC1SD50N10TGC2 10S-6RC1SD63N10TGC2
ST Female - - 10S-6RC1SD32N10-GC2 10S-6RC1ST40N10-GC2 10S-6RC1ST50N10-GC2 10S-6RC1ST63N10-GC2
Male - - 10S-6RC1ST32N10TGC2 10S-6RC1ST40N10TGC2 10S-6RC1ST50N10TGC2 10S-6RC1ST63N10TGC2
LA Female - - 10S-6RC1LA32N10-GC2 10S-6RC1LA40N10-GC2 10S-6RC1LA50N10-GC2 10S-6RC1LA63N10-GC2
Male - - 10S-6RC1LA32N10TGC2 10S-6RC1LA40N10TGC2 10S-6RC1LA50N10TGC2 10S-6RC1LA63N10TGC2
LB Female - - 10S-6RC1LB32N10-GC2 10S-6RC1LB40N10-GC2 10S-6RC1LB50N10-GC2 10S-6RC1LB63N10-GC2
Male - - 10S-6RC1LB32N10TGC2 10S-6RC1LB40N10TGC2 10S-6RC1LB50N10TGC2 10S-6RC1LB63N10TGC2
FA Female - - 10S-6RC1FA32N10-GC2 10S-6RC1FA40N10-GC2 10S-6RC1FA50N10-GC2 10S-6RC1FA63N10-GC2
Male - - 10S-6RC1FA32N10TGC2 10S-6RC1FA40N10TGC2 10S-6RC1FA50N10TGC2 10S-6RC1FA63N10TGC2
FB Female - - 10S-6RC1FB32N10-GC2 10S-6RC1FB40N10-GC2 10S-6RC1FB50N10-GC2 10S-6RC1FB63N10-GC2
Male - - 10S-6RC1FB32N10TGC2 10S-6RC1FB40N10TGC2 10S-6RC1FB50N10TGC2 10S-6RC1FB63N10TGC2
CA Female - - 10S-6RC1CA32N10-GC2 10S-6RC1CA40N10-GC2 10S-6RC1CA50N10-GC2 10S-6RC1CA63N10-GC2
Male - - 10S-6RC1CA32N10TGC2 10S-6RC1CA40N10TGC2 10S-6RC1CA50N10TGC2 10S-6RC1CA63N10TGC2
CB Female - - 10S-6RC1CB32N10-GC2 10S-6RC1CB40N10-GC2 10S-6RC1CB50N10-GC2 10S-6RC1CB63N10-GC2
Male - - 10S-6RC1CB32N10TGC2 10S-6RC1CB40N10TGC2 10S-6RC1CB50N10TGC2 10S-6RC1CB63N10TGC2

Action Style Double-acting Single-rod/Extend lock(with switch)
Available Bores(mm) φ20 φ25 φ32 φ40 φ50 φ63
Locking Force 150N 235N 386N 603N 943N 1497N
Locking Direction Extend rod direction
Locking Position Mechanical lock at any stroke position.
Mounting Style SD·ST·LA·LB·FA·FB·CA·CB
Rod End Thread Style Female·Male
Working Fluid Air
Lubrication Not allowable
Max. Operating Pressure 1MPa(But locking force is equivalent to 0.5MPa pressure supplied cylinder output.)
Min. Operating Pressure 0.25MPa (when no load)
Proof Test Pressure 1.5MPa
Operating Speed Range 50∼500mm/s 50∼300mm/s
Temperature Range -10∼+60ºC (But do not use wnen frozen)
Structure of Cushioning with cushion pad at both end.
Tolerance of Thread JIS 6g/6H
Stroke Tolerance +1.0∼0mm
Accessories Note1)Rod End Attachments Rod End Eye(T-End)·Rod End Eye with Spherical Bearing(S-End)·Rod End Clevis(Y-End)·Floating Joint(F-End)
Note1) Rod End Attachments is only for Male style of rod end thread.

Standard Stroke List
Stroke mm
5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 60 70 75 80 90 100
φ20 - - - -
φ25 - - - -
φ50 -
φ63 -
Note1) Please consult to Taiyo contact for stroke larger than the standard stroke list as above.

Avoid use of a cylinder in such a manner that eccentric load applies to the cylinder. When use of mounting accessories of rotary type is intended in particular, be sure to consult to us in advance.
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