Grease Suction Unit

GVC-UN Series

  • Only air supply needed to start suction
  • Portable, convenient
  • Larger suction amount due to suction and pressurizing (*4)
  • Easy grease discharge

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Usage Discharge of the grease filled up in the robot’s decelerator (*1)
Grease type (consistency) No0, No00
Suction tank 3L, transparent (acrylic) with gauge
Power supply Air pressure 0.5 to 0.7MPa (*2)
Supply pressure to decelerator 0 to 0.2MPa (Pressure adjustment possible by built-in regulator) (*3)
Suction volume/ Suction time (in-house measured value): J1 axis 0.8 to 2L / 10 to 20 minutes (*4)
Suction volume/ Suction time (in-house measured value): J2 axis 0.5 to 1L / 5 to 10 minutes (*4)
Working temperature range +10 to +50℃
Degree of vacuum -93kPa (at air pressure of 0.5MPa)
Amount of Air suction/ Air consumption 110L/min [ANR]/ 200L/min [ANR] (at air pressure of 0.5MPa)
Port size of Suction/ Discharge ports Quick coupler Rc1/2 (with male, female)
Port size of air supply port Quick coupler Rc3/8 (with male, female)
Port size connected to decelerator Quick coupler Rc1/4 (with male, female)
Connection with robot Use the enclosed piping kit (Accessories) (*5)
Grease discharge method Discharge by pushing the handle
Disassembly, cleaning Disassembly without any tools is possible by using the thumbscrew
Weight 6kg
This unit is for suction and discharge of grease.
Power supply is not required. Adjust the source pressure (supply pressure) to the specified pressure.
Be sure to set the pressure less than 0.2MPa. Failure to do so may result in malfunction, such as the oil seal slipping off.
Suction amount and suction time differs depending on the condition (charge of viscosity by the ambient temperature etc.) of robot and grease
(to increase the suction amount of grease, operate the robot at low speed or inching during suction).
If the grease is not getting sucked, then there is the possibility it has solidified.
In such a case, refuel and allow grease to flow before starting suction again.
Air flow starts when grease suction is completed. Stop suction when air starts flowing.
Port sizes differs depending on robots.
Please contact us if joints not included in the enclosed piping kit is necessary.