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Enables automation and labor-saving on conveyer line.
The pallet could stop softly by built-in adjustable shock absorber.
Saving times that measure the extend timing of cylinder by lever type stopper.

Directly piping the solenoid valve at the rod cover for space saving.(only for 50mm of straight type)
Guaranteeing body strength by the enlargement of the rod diameter bearing area.

The whirl-stop guide is equipped to prevent shifting of the stopper direction.(Chamfer type and Roller type) And also it is possible to adjust the direction in optional position.

System Structure Classification Action Style Bore(mm)
32 40 50 80
Lever Type Standard Single-acting STS3 STS3-32-20 - STS3-50-30 STS3-80-30
Double-acting STD3 STD3-32-20 - STD3-50-30 STD3-80-30
Double-acting(with spring) STB3 STB3-32-20 - STB3-50-30 STB3-80-30
Valve Set Single-acting STS3V STS3V-32-20-H1 - STS3V-50-30-H1 STS3V-80-30-H1
Double-acting STD3V STD3V-32-20-H1 - STD3V-50-30-H1 STD3V-80-30-H1
Double-acting (with spring) STB3V STB3V-32-20-H1 - STB3V-50-30-H1 STB3V-80-30-H1
Straight Type Standard Single-acting STS3S STS3S-32-20 STS3S-40-25 STS3S-50-30 -
Double-acting STD3S STD3S-32-20 STD3S-40-25 STD3S-50-30 -
Double-acting (with spring) STB3S -

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