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Model changed to SKL2 Series.
Filter regulator and lubricator combination is what must be necessary for pneumatic system. It utilize for compressed air cleaning, pressure adjustment and supply the lubricant oil to the pneumatic equipments.
Light weight and compact designed by newly-unified smart square type.
Combination can simply joint with joinery method.

Pressure adjustment can do smoothly with a large rounded knob. And easy lock with one-touch mechanics.
Water is easy drain with one-touch mechanism.

Dimensional Drawing     
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Model Number SKL-06- SKL-08-
Port Size Rc1/8 Rc1/4
Working Fluid Air
Max. Working Pressure 1MPa
Setting Pressure Range 0.05 ∼ 0.9MPa
Proof Test Pressure 1.6MPa
Temperature Range 0 ∼ +60ºC (But do not use when frozen)
Filter Element 5m
Storage Volume of Drain 16cm3
Oil Container Vol. 25cm3
Drain Method One-touch type manual drain
Min. Flow of Oil Drops 15/min(ANR)
Recommanded Lubricant Oil Turbine oil first-class (additive free) equivalent of ISO VG32
Mass Manual drain 0.48kg 0.47kg
Auto drain 0.50kg 0.49kg
This is the flow when turbine oil dropped 5 drops/min. while pressure (Primary pressure) set at 0.5MPa.
Note) The minimum working pressure of differential pressure type auto drain is 0.1MPa, and minimum working pressure is 0.05MPa.

Combination Models
Model Combination Models Accessories
Filter Regulator Lubricator Bracket
SKL-06 SFR-06 SAL-06 SS-B
SKL-08 SFR-08 SAL-08

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