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The better transmission efficiency can response to wide range of needs with simple mounting and long lifetime.

The rigidity and accuracy handling movement are improved by built-in crawler driven linear guide which realized by the engineer's mechanical design ideals.

The lever which transfer thrust force to the finger is adopted by the exist mechanism with a reputation for better transmission efficiency.

Superior construction reduces backlash due by twisting to maintain high gripping accuracy. And also, long lifetime is exceeded by 10 million times to response improving customers' confidence.

Dimensional Drawing    
Structure Double acting type Single-acting Normal Open Type
Code SHG-D06 SHG-D08 SHG-P06 SHG-P08
Open,close,stroke mm 4mm 6mm 4nn 6mm
Actual gripping capacity 21N 37N 21N 37N
Working fluid Air
Lubrication Unnecessary(But possible)
Port size M3 M5 M3 M5
Operating pressure range 0.1∼0.5MPa 0.2∼0.5MPa
Proof test pressure 0.7MPa
Maximum operating pressure 120C.P.M.
Temperature range +5∼+50Celsius degree
Repeat accuracy ±0.01mm(Initial value at tip of finger)
Weight 76.5g 183g 76.5g 183g
* Acutual gripping capacity is the value at tip of finger with supply pressure of 0.5Mpa
* Weignt available for holding,conveyance with actual gripper is about 10%of the theoretical gripping,opening capacity.
Switch Specification
Contact Method Contact No Contact
Switch Code A B C D
Code OH OV 2H 2V
Wiring Direction Rear side Upper side Rear side Upper side
Voltage·current DC:12/24V AC:100V DC10∼30V
Load Current Range DC:5∼50mA AC:7∼20mA 5∼20mA(*)
Voltage drop MAX 2.4V MAX 4V
Leak Current 0μA 1mA
Insulation resistance DC500V Mega MIN 20MΩ(Case∼cable)
Insulation Resistance Insulation Resistance
Shock-proof 294m/s2 980m/s2
Temperature -10∼+60Celsius degree(Do not use when frozen)
Wiring style 0.2mm2 22 Cores Outer dia. (Oil-proof cabtyre cord, cord length 1m)
Protective structure IP67(IJapan Electrical Manufacturers` Association grade) or equivalent JIS C0920 (Penetration Proof), Oil-Proof
Indicating lamp LED(Lights with switch ON)
Electric circuit
Applied Miniature relay·Small relay·sequencer Small relay·sequencer
20mA of load current is the value at the ambient temperature of 25 celsius degree. The value may get lower than 20mA depends on the ambient temperature.

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