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Closed-loop control by stepping motor and the rotary encorder
Gripping force, position and speed can be controlled in the high precision beyond pneumatic gripper.
Light weight and compact size.
The high gripping force was actualized with light and compact size by the peculiar cam structure.
High Stiffness/High Accuracy
The finger parts has adopted ball guide.
Free installation direction
Excepat the face with finger, 4 installation taps has set at each face. (F Type has 3 faces)
A guide hole for positioning
A guide hole has set at the central axis of the finger.
Motor Cable
The motor cable which connect with gripper and the controller has adopted robot cable (similar) to enchanced flexibility.
Stepping Motor and Rotary Encorder
Achieved high accuracy position and speed control by closed-loop control system.
ESC11-B / Controller
Accessible to commercially offered PLC and PC.

Point edit and parameter setting could input simply by free support software. Serial converter (option) has prepared for connection to port RC232.
Networked system by linked host controller. (Max. 16 points)

The finger is possible to operation without setting point data and parameter. (Double-cam Type, Threaded-pole Type)
Only one small controller could access to all electric gripper.

Troble shooting could perform easily with variety function of alarm and monitoring .
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Mechanism video
SS Type
Mechanism video
SD Type
Mechanism video
FS & FT Type
Product Lineup Click the model name for details.
Models Model Number Gripping Force Stroke Accuracy of
Repeat & Stop
Max. Speed
Single Cam Type
ESG1-SS-2010 1.8 to 6N 7.6mm 0.02mm 100m/s
ESG1-SS-2815 6.6 to 22N 14.3mm 0.02mm 100m/s
ESG1-SS-4225 13.5 to 40N 23.5mm 0.02mm 100m/s
Double Cam Type
ESG1-SD-2005 15 to 50N 5mm 0.03mm 60m/s
ESG1-SD-2810 45 to 150N 10mm 0.03mm 60m/s
ESG1-SD-4220 75 to 250N 19.3mm 0.03mm 45m/s
Threaded-pole Type
Straight Style
ESG1-FS-2020 15 to 50N 19mm 0.01mm 50m/s
ESG1-FS-2840 45 to 150N 38mm 0.01mm 50m/s
Threaded-pole Type
"T" Style
ESG1-FT-2020 15 to 50N 19mm 0.01mm 50m/s
ESG1-FT-2840 45 to 150N 38mm 0.01mm 50m/s
Models Model Number Power Voltage Power Consumption External
Point Qty.
Parallel Input-Output
Serial Network
31 points + origin point

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