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Twin- rod compact air cylinder.

Twin-rod type provides superior non-rotation accuracy and track position accuracy.

Double-piston structure with small space provides twice the output without requiring much installation space.
Possible to add switched to all models.

Could adjusting stroke by fixing a stop bolt.
Stroke adjusting range : ±2.5mm
Extensive models are prepared.

Product Lineup
Bearing Action Style Model Bore Size mm
10 16 20 25 32
Slide bearing Double-acting
Standard·with switch 7W-1N10-10 7W-1N16-10 7W-1N20-10 7W-1N25-10 7W-1N32-10
Single-acting Spring-return
Standard·with swtich 7W-1SRN10-10 7W-1SRN16-10 7W-1SRN20-10 7W-1SRN25-10 7W-1SRN32-10
Ball bearing Double-acting
Standard·with switch 7W-1B10-10 7W-1B16-10 7W-1B20-10 7W-1B25-10 7W-1B32-10
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