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Compact Air Cylinder with Free-Position One-Way Mechanical Lock
Compact air cylinder with safety catcher function (Free-Position One-Way Lock) solved the trouble of mechanical drop of cylinder when the residual pressure exhausted.
Mechanical lock at any stroke position.
Lock direction is one way.

Lock force is equivalent to the output of cylinder when 0.5Mpa pressure supplied.
Fewer problem and long life time.
Lock release is simple.

Product Lineup
Lock Direction Models Bore mm
20 25 32 40 50 63
Extent Direction Lock Standard
10S-6C1ST20N30 10S-6C1ST25N30 10S-6C1ST32N30 10S-6C1ST40N30 10S-6C1ST50N30 10S-6C1ST63N30
Switch Set
10S-6RC1ST20N30-00 10S-6RC1ST25N30-00 10S-6RC1ST32N30-00 10S-6RC1ST40N30-00 10S-6RC1ST50N30-00 10S-6RC1ST63N30-00
Retract Direction Lock Standard
10S-6C2ST20N30 10S-6C2ST25N30 10S-6C2ST32N30 10S-6C2ST40N30 10S-6C2ST50N30 10S-6C2ST63N30
Switch Set
10S-6RC2ST20N30-00 10S-6RC2ST25N30-00 10S-6RC2ST32N30-00 10S-6RC2ST40N30-00 10S-6RC2ST50N30-00 10S-6RC2ST63N30-00
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