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A compact air cylinder contributed greatly to the space saving of equipment.
Bore φ12 to φ32 of small and compact air cylinder with guide.
16 type of switches are available depending on your application.

Grooves for switch fitting prepared boths at front face and rear face of the body.
Able to select piping at front face or side face.

Variety of installation style realized by through hole at the front face, taps hole and 2 kinds of taps with different pitch at the underbody.

Product Lineup Please inquire for details.
Models Bearing Method Bore mm
12 16 20 25 32
10G-3AM Slide Bearing
10G-2AL Linear Bush Bearing

Model Number 10G-3AM 10G-3LM
Bearing Type Slide Bearing Linear Bush Bearing
Cylinder Bore mm φ12, φ16, φ20, φ25, φ32
Working Fluid Air
Lubrication Not necessary (But possible)
Operating Pressure Range 0.1 to 1MPa
Proof Test Pressure 1.5MPa
Operating Speed Range 50 to 500mm/s
Operating Temperature Range +5 to +50 Celsius degree
Cushion Mechanism Built-in Cushion Pad at boths end (Nitrile Rubber)
Stroke Tolerance φ12 to φ25: 0 to 1.5mm φ32: 0 to +2.0mm
Port Size φ12, φ16: M50.8 φ20 to φ32: Rc1/8

Standard Stroke Range
Cylinder Stroke mm
10 20 25 30 40 50 75 100 125 150 175 200
φ12 - - - - -
φ16 - - - - -
φ20 - -
φ25 - -
φ32 - - - -

Related Series
10G-2 Series
Bore:φ20 to φ80

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