Electric Gripper

We reach an accuracy control of position and speed by close-loop controlled in using stepping motor and rotary encorder. By the special cam structure (PAT.P) with the peculiar gear, the high gripping force was realized with simple structure in compact size.

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ESG2 Series Comparable to the cost of pneumatic grippers! Download Catalog -
  • Motorization equal to the total cost of a pneumatic gripper
  • Smoother substitutions than pneumatic grippers
  • Control capabilities only possible with electric
  • Cam adoption, with a built-in controller for enhanced compactness, lightness, and convenience
ESG1 Series Setting the gripping force randomly from max.30% to 100%. Download Catalog Download CAD
  • Setting the gripping force randomly from max.30% to 100%.
  • Setting the speed and acceleration randomly from 20 to 100mm/s.(In case of SS type)
  • The locating point can set Max.31 point.
  • Possible to detect the measurement in 0.01mm.
AC Servo Nut-runner

Small and high-speed reponse new-generation Nut-runner system with function of data communications.

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ENRZ Series AC Servo Nut-runner - -
  • A Nut-runner with various tightening approach like torque approach, torque approach with angle detecting function, virtual angle approach, and id-ul approach.
  • Possible to control by only serial communication.
  • Centralized control multi-axis system by using touch-panel.

New press fit-in control system to realized accuracy fit-in control.

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Comprehensive monitoring system for load and stroke control.
PQC Series ATSUKAN - Download CAD
  • Made up of a Cylinder integrated with lenght measuring sensor and load cell, and a controller with new developed innovative judging-method software.
  • The design of accuracy press system is just conclude by selected a piece of cylinder.
High power hydraulic cylinder with high accuracy load control system.
PQCL Series Load Sensing Cylinder - Download CAD
  • With built-in load-cell to the cylinder, cost saving was realized with sophisticated in compact size.
High-power hydraulic cylinder with high accuracy positioning control system.
PQCP Series Position Sensing Cylinder - Download CAD
  • The position control system is made up of a built-in high resolving, speedy response induct-corder sensor and multi-fuctional output unit.
Energy-saving Intelligent Hydraulic Unit
PQCS2 Series ATSUKAN Servo - Download CAD
  • Does not require control valve and hydraulic source.
  • Outstanding energy-saving effects by superb function, large output and high precision, plus unequalled efficiency.
  • Clean, safe and reliable-Need no piping and hydraulic work.
Comprehensive control system of load and stroke in low-load area.
PQC-AA Series Pneumatic ATSUKAN - -
  • Wide variations in low-load specification (1.0kN, 2.5kN)of ATSUKAN series.
  • Additional built-in analog output terminal for stroke and load value, make it possible to monitoring the data while measuring.
Electric Actuator(Old Model)

Customer designed AC Servo Actuator.

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NSA Series Discontinued. - -