Digital Flow Control System

Rotor governing digital flow switch, full line of series.

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DFS3 Series Digital Flow Switch Download Catalog -
DFT Series Digital Flow Sensor Download Catalog -
DFM2 Series Digital Flow Meter Download Catalog -
Digital Flow Switch DFS3 Series
  • High accuracy digital flow switch is strong in water strain and trash by high-spin of rotor.
  • High Flow Specification (120/min), we also supply stainless body or metal body.
Digital Flow Sensor DFT Series
  • This sensor is conversion of fluid flow into electrical pulse.
Digital Flow Meter DFM2 Series
  • To display the fluid flow digitally by the pulse output from digital flow switch.
Flow Switch

Combined the Small and high performance flow sensor with sekelton body with digital display function.

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EFS3 Series Flow Switch Download Catalog -
  • CE Marking response.
  • Monitoring 2 points, upper limit and lower of flow changing.
  • 2 type of detacting methods, manegtic proximity and iron proximity, are prepared.
  • Can install in any direction.
Leak Detector

Advanced leak detector from digital flow switch DFS3 Series.

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LD1 Series Leak Detector Download Catalog -
  • Sensing the IN-OUT flow rate.
  • Possible to detect around 3% leakage by the minimum leaking setting.
  • Highly reliable switch with resistance to noise from a spot welding machine.
  • Absolutely piping by body fixation method.
Imported Pressure Switch

NORGREN/HERION Pressure Switch.

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0800 / 0882 Series NORGREN/HERION Pressure Switch 18D Series. - -
0870 / 0871 Series NORGREN/HERION Pressure Switch 19D Series. - -
0863 Series NORGREN/HERION Pressure Switch 33D Series. - -
180.81 Series NORGREN/HERION Pressure Switch 20D Series. - -
Flow Sensor(Discontinued.)
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EFS2 Series Discontinued. - -