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Radial Piston Type Air Motor TAM4 Series

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About the organization of the drawings (file)
- Every models are consisted in the drawing.
- The product outline of drawings are entered by diagrammic illustration.
- The scale of the drawing is 1/1.
File Name Series Drawing Size (W/H) Scale
TTAM410A TAM4-010/Standard 1800/400 1/1
TTAM410B TAM4-010/with Decelerator 1300/380 1/1
TTAM415A TAM4-015/Standard 1800/400 1/1
TTAM415B TAM4-015/with Decelerator 1950/400 1/1
TTAM415C TAM4-015/with Brake 2400/880 1/1
TTAM415D TAM4-015/with Brake and Decelerator 3090/1050 1/1
TTAM430A TAM4-030/Standard 1950/400 1/1
TTAM430B TAM4-030/with Decelerator 2640/600 1/1
TTAM430C TAM4-030/with Brake 3300/1250 1/1
TTAM430D TAM4-030/with Brake and Decelerator 3300/1360 1/1

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