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Rounded Body Air Cylinder/10Z-3 Series with Safety-Lock 10Z-3L Series

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About the organization of the drawings (file)
- Each mounting style are registered in the drawing of cylinder body.
- Valve set type, cushion type and safety lock cylinder are registered in the drawing of cylinder body (Compound models).
- Drawing of rod end accessories, brackets, switchs and boots are registered in the drawing of accessories.
- The product outline of drawings are entered by diagrammic illustration.
- The scale of the drawing is 1/1.
File Name Series Drawing Size (W/H) Scale
TAZ312A Bore 12/Cylinder Body 930/412 1/1
TAZ316A Bore 16/Cylinder Body 930/412 1/1
TAZ3126K Bore 12, 16/Accessories 630/354 1/1
TAZ320A Bore 20/Cylinder Body 990/850 1/1
TAZ320B Bore 20/Cylinder Body(Compound Models) 1200/690 1/1
TAZ320K Bore 20/Accessories 990/850 1/1
TAZ325A Bore 25/Cylinder Body 990/850 1/1
TAZ325B Bore 25/Cylinder Body(Compound Models) 1200/690 1/1
TAZ325K Bore 25/Accessories 990/850 1/1
TAZ332A Bore 32/Cylinder Body 990/642 1/1
TAZ332B Bore 32/Cylinder Body(Compound Models) 1350/762 1/1
TAZ332K Bore 32/Accessories 1200/948 1/1
TAZ340A Bore 40/Cylinder Body 1110/780 1/1
TAZ340B Bore 40/Cylinder Body(Compound Models) 1410/822 1/1
TAZ340K Bore 40/Accessories 1200/948 1/1
TAZ350A Bore 50/Cylinder Body 1230/840 1/1
TAZ363A Bore 63/Cylinder Body 1290/918 1/1
TAZ3506K Bore 50, 63/Accessories 1500/1344 1/1

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