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Flat Cylinder 10F-1/10F-2 Series

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About the organization of the drawings (file)
- Every bore sizes are registered in the drawing of 10F-1 series.
- Each mounting style and accessories are registered in the drawing of 10F-2 series.
- The product outline of drawings are entered by diagrammic illustration.
- The scale of the drawing is 1/1.

File Name Series Drawing Size (W/H) Scale
TAF1 10F-1/Bore 25, 32, 50 1200/860 1/1
TAF225 10F-2/Bore 25 1400/975 1/1
TAF232 10F-2/Bore 32 1400/975 1/1
TAF250 10F-2/Bore 50 1600/1125 1/1

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