Privacy Information Protection Policy

TAIYO recognizes the confidentiality of personal information and is committed to managing your information in keeping with applicable laws and regulations for the protection of protecting your personal information. At the same time, we build up the independent rules and organization with due to consideration of international movement, and make a declaration that provide continual improve to save management of your personal information.

Appropriate Management of Personal Information
  TAIYO appoints a chief privacy officer in each section where handling personal information, for the appropriate management of personal information that is provided by customers.
Announcement for Purpose of Use
  TAIYO obtains the minimum amount of personal information necessary for conducting business in a proper and fair manner by clearly specifies the purpose of use and inquiry contact.
Use of Personal Information
  TAIYO limits to use the personal information that clearly specifies in the range of purpose of use by anticipation.
Disclose of Personal Information to Third Parties
  Except as complying with the law or legal process, TAIYO will not disclose your personal information to a third party without your prior consent. Additionally, in the case of operation and maintenance by contract, TAIYO will make an agreement of personal information security measures to prevent loss, destruction, tampering, and/or leak of your personal information from the contractor.
Respect Customer's Right to Personal Privacy
  TAIYO respect the customerfs right to personal privacy. Unless otherwise stipulated by law or legal process, if customer requests the announcement of purpose of use, disclosure, amendment, delete, cease and desist, elimination, TAIYO will promptly responds to your request without delay.
Implement of Safety Management Measures
  TAIYO implement an appropriate information security measures to prevent loss, destruction, tampering, and/or leak of your personal information due to illegal accesses, computer virus, etc.
Maintenance and Improvement of Personal Information Protection Management
  TAIYO familiarize all the employees (Include regular staff, temporary staff, and part-timer) and other persons involved (Business partner, contractor, and service provider) with instruction of Personal Information Protection Management. And this instruction will be maintained and improved timely and appropriately.
Compliance to Law and other norms
  TAIYO comply with legal obligation and other norms relevant to privacy information.

 Established on June 18, 2009
President   Takashi Ishikawa
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