North American Network Hydraulic/Pneumatic Cylinder Local Production
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Due to an increased worldwide demand for quality products and services, TAIYO, LTD. manufactures high quality parts locally to meet the needs of our customers in domestic and global marketplaces. TAIYO has licensed independent production facilities of Pneumatic cylinders in Southeast Asia, and Hydraulic and Pneumatic cylinders in North America to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. TAIYO AMERICA, INC. was founded as the North American branch of TAIYO, LTD. in 1986. The headquarters and factory are located in St.Marys, Ohio with branch offices in Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee. TAIYO AMERICA, INC. provides a variety of support services for our diverse range of North American products including maintenance, product information and custom designs for Pneumatic and Hydraulic cylinders. We continue to promote technical development for standard products as well as those with custom specifications. Among Japanese Hydraulic cylinder manufacturers, TAIYO is the only company that has a production base in the U.S.

THE TAIYO Global Standard of Quality
Our expanded network of reliability, from Japan to China and North America is only the beginning of a projected worldwide expansion plan. An efficient distributor network supports our North American branches to meet the needs of customers. TAIYO aspires to implement our manufacturing philosophy worldwide in order to make a unique contribution to the global marketplace by providing quality products and reliable service. TAIYO AMERICA, INC. currently serves as a pilot facility, illustrating the proven effectiveness of the TAIYO-Parker alliance.


Head Office / Plant (Ohio)
1702 East Spring Street St.Marys, Ohio 45885
PHONE:+1 (877) 544 8775    Fax: FAX : +1 (419) 300 9765

OHIO Office
PHONE:+1 (419) 300 8811

Illinois Office
PHONE:+1 (630) 823 8598

Tennessee Office
PHONE:+1 (615) 907 3355

Kentucky Office
PHONE:+1 (502) 370 4142
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